Giving credit where it’s due: Juan Alanis shows humility, moves bill forward | Opinion

Juan Alanis might be serious about making a difference in Sacramento. You can’t blame observers for having their doubts. The first thing the Modesto Republican did after being elected to the California Assembly looked like an obvious move to curry favor with the tough-on-crime right while alienating the left. The Modesto Bee Editorial Board warned that Alanis’s signature legislation, Assembly Bill 335, bore the hallmarks of a political stunt. A wholesale repeal of Proposition 47 — the 2014 judicial reform that the GOP loves to hate, blaming it for crime and homelessness — had no chance of success, and Alanis knew it. At the same time, Alanis talked about governing from the middle, insisting he was focused on making friends across the aisle.

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