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Current Legislation 2022-2023

Assembly Bill 17: Middle-Class Income Tax Relief: eases the burden of ongoing inflation and the rising cost of living across the state by decreasing personal income tax rates for middle-income Californians.

Assembly Bill 243: Address Confidentiality for Victims of Child Abduction: will expand current law to include victims of child abduction to the list of populations who are eligible for California’s Safe at Home address confidentiality program.

Assembly Bill 255: Postsecondary Education: Priority Registration for First Responders: will require the California State University and California Community Colleges, as well as request the University of California to offer priority registration to first responders enrolled in a certificate program or in the process of obtaining their baccalaureate degree.

Assembly Bill 293: Lifetime Hunting and Sport Fishing Licenses: Gold Star Family Members: would require, upon appropriate application to the Department of Fish and Wildlife, to offer lifetime hunting licenses and lifetime sport fishing licenses to Gold Star Family Members, at no cost, who meet the eligibility requirements outlined.  

Assembly Bill 308: State Parks: Free Entry and Access: Gold Star Family Members: AB 308 would require the Department of Parks and Recreation, to provide no-cost passes for entry into the State Parks System for those who meet the eligibility requirements outlined.

Assembly Bill 335: Proposition 47 Study: AB 335 as amended will task the Little Hoover Commission to study the effects Proposition 47 has had on California with a major focus on retail theft. The commission would be required to report the study back to the State Legislature.

Assembly Bill 355: Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training: Tactical Assault Rifles: Assembly Bill 355 corrects an oversight in current law by allowing peace officer cadets enrolled in basic training prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST), or other certified training, to use a tactical (assault) rifle while engaged in firearms training.

Assembly Bill 422: Natural Resources Agency: Statewide Water Storage Dashboard: AB 422 will hold the California Natural Resources Agency accountable by requiring the agency to create a dashboard on its website with specified information relating to how much new storage it is approving. This bill will give the public a clear view of this process and insight into how tax dollars are being spent.

Assembly Bill 822: Criminal Side Shows and Street Racing Electronic Surveillance: Will allow law enforcement agencies to use agency operated video surveillance equipment to investigate and impound vehicles used in the commission of a dangerous and reckless vehicle side show.

Assembly Bill 1467: Navaeh Youth Sports Safety Act: will require youth sports programs to ensure that their athletes have access to life saving automated external defibrillator technology during practices and matches.

Assembly Bill 1675: Foster Youth Enrichment Activities Strategic Plan: will help support foster youth participation in enrichment activities by leveraging available funds for this purpose and increasing accountability under existing laws.

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 2: Water and Wildfire Resiliency Act of 2023: ACA 2, upon voter approval, will ensure guaranteed, ongoing funding for water infrastructure and forest maintenance. This will allow the state to fulfill its promise to invest in the infrastructure and workforce necessary for healthy and reliable management efforts of California’s precious natural resources.