SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblymember Alanis announced that his bill, AB 2436, has passed a vote on the Assembly Floor. This bipartisan and industry-supported measure is necessary to safeguard the state’s cattle producers and ensure the continued effectiveness of the California Bureau of Livestock Identification.


“Recently, inflationary pressures, the transition to an electric vehicle fleet in furtherance of the state’s climate goals, and other economic pressures have increased the California Bureau of Livestock’s operating expenses,” said Assemblymember Alanis. “AB 2436 allows the Bureau to adjust fees responsibly, ensuring that they can continue to protect our livestock producers without imposing undue financial burden.”


AB 2436 aims to ensure the Bureau of Livestock Identification can perform vital livestock inspection services while remaining revenue-neutral by adjusting statutory fees to coincide with costs. The Bureau of Livestock Identification, a division within the Department of Food and Agriculture, is responsible for inspecting livestock, which is necessary for protecting cattle owners in California against the loss of animals by theft, straying, or misappropriation. These inspections also assist in the investigation and prosecution of cattle thefts. AB 2436 does not introduce new fees but offers a mechanism for adjusting existing fees to keep pace with operational costs. 


“I’m committed to updating our state laws to adapt to the changing business landscape. AB 2436 responds to the financial challenges confronting California’s agricultural industry,” Assemblymember Alanis added. “With rising operating expenses, it’s imperative to adjust fees to ensure the Bureau can maintain crucial livestock inspection services that benefit our communities.”


AB 2436 passed the Assembly Floor unanimously and will now advance to the Senate for consideration.


Assemblymember Juan Alanis represents the 22nd Assembly District, which includes the communities of Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, Denair, Patterson, Gustine, Newman, Hilmar, Ballico, Snelling, Keyes, Grayson, Crows Landing, Diablo Grande, Stevinson, & Empire.