SACRAMENTO – Today, Assemblymember Juan Alanis announced the successful passage of Assembly Bill 1880 in the California State Assembly. The bill passed off the Assembly Floor unanimously and now advances to the Senate.

“Children who create content online deserve the same level of protection and financial security as child actors,” said Assemblymember Juan Alanis. “As the online industry continues to expand, it is imperative that we ensure minors are not only able to participate safely but are also protected from potential exploitation and financial harm.”

The rise of social media and other online platforms has created unprecedented opportunities for individuals, including minors, to earn money through content creation. However, with this opportunity comes the risk of exploitation and financial vulnerability, particularly for children who may lack the legal protections afforded to adult creators. Assembly Bill 1880 seeks to address this gap by extending the provisions of the Coogan Law, originally enacted to protect the earnings of child actors, to cover minor online content creators as well.

Assemblymember Alanis is a big advocate for the rights and well-being of minors, and AB 1880 reflects his commitment to safeguarding their interests in the digital age. “By extending the Coogan Law to cover this rapidly growing industry, we are sending a clear message that minors have rights and deserve protection, regardless of the platform on which they create content,” said the Assemblyman.

The bipartisan support for AB 1880 in the Assembly underscores the importance of protecting minors in the online sphere. The bill now advances to the Senate where it will be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Assemblymember Juan Alanis represents the 22nd Assembly District, which includes the communities of Modesto, Turlock, Ceres, Denair, Patterson, Gustine, Newman, Hilmar, Ballico, Snelling, Keyes, Grayson, Crows Landing, Diablo Grande, Stevinson, & Empire.