Rise in California violent crime rates points to failure of Proposition 47 | Opinion

Violent crime rates in California rose a concerning rise of 6.1% in 2022. This rise isn’t surprising: The approach to crime in our state is part of the problem. Social justice groups often attribute criminal behavior to societal factors or promote the idea that certain crimes, such as retail theft, don’t harm anyone.

This narrative, however, is far from the truth. For the 4.2 million small business owners in California, their establishments represent their hard work and dedication. When someone callously steals from these businesses, these shop owners suffer financial losses and face higher prices to compensate for those losses. 

Theft is not merely a property crime, it also poses a threat to personal safety. Store burglaries can result in injuries or even fatalities for employees and customers who may encounter fleeing thieves armed with weapons. Earlier this year, a store clerk at a Home Depot in Pleasanton lost their life while attempting to prevent a theft involving a firearm.

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